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Relations with Russia at their ‘best in history’

2018-05-08 4 ℃

CHINA yesterday congratulated Vladimir Putin on his inauguration for a fourth term as Russian president.

“The Chinese side believes that under the leadership of President Putin, Russia will keep making achievements in its nation building and social and economic development,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang.

Putin took the oath of office yesterday in Moscow to start his fourth term as Russian president. Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Putin on his re-election in a telephone conversation in March.

With strategic guidance of and personal push by Xi and Putin, the bilateral ties have stayed at a high development level, Geng said, stressing that the two countries’ comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination was at its best in history.

“The two sides have maintained close exchanges at various levels, pressed ahead cooperation in a large number of fields, and increasingly consolidated their mutual political trust,” Geng added.

“Meanwhile, the two countries have exchanged views on major international and regional issues in a timely manner, kept close coordination within the framework of multilateral mechanisms, and made significant contributions to world peace and stability.”