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Smaller firms to get more tax breaks and improved service

2018-05-04 2 ℃

CHINA is stepping up its support for smaller businesses by offering new tax cuts and better financial services.

Vice Finance Minister Cheng Lihua said at a press conference yesterday that seven new tax policies are expected to save the businesses a total of 60 billion yuan (US$9.4 billion) a year.

The reduction will act as an incentive for enterprises in upgrading equipment and improving employee training, as well as encouraging research and development.

Small and micro enterprises play a vital role in driving economic growth, employment and innovation, Cheng said, adding that China has created a framework of favorable policies to lower burdens, spur innovation and support financing.

By eliminating excessive fees, the banking sector saw an increase last year of 44 billion yuan in revenue concessions from 2016, said Wang Zhaoxing, vice chairman of China’s top banking and insurance regulator.

Banks are prohibited from charging small and micro firms fees other than loan interest, the rate of which is stable and declining, Wang said.

“Commercial banks have been asked to weight more of their loans toward small and micro businesses,” he said, adding that qualified banking institutions are encouraged to issue financial bonds to these businesses in expanding their financing channels.

Total outstanding loans to small and micro businesses stood at 31.7 trillion yuan at the end of the first quarter of 2018, up 1.02 trillion yuan from the end of 2017, data showed.

China is speeding up reforms in the financial sector and focusing on resolving the problem of small and micro enterprises finding it tough and expensive to access financing, according to this year’s government work report.